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About us

Holidays Bookers

Holidays Bookers was Founded in 2014 initially as a tour & travel company. Since then Holidays Bookers are dedicated to their travel partners consistently with innovation, excellent services, and Diversity in products with abiding values.

We exist to create exceptional products and foster meaningful connections between adventurers and our collaborators, resulting in genuine positive impact on the world.

15 years of experience, HB Group has grown into an integrated group of companies and moving towards its vision to become a Global Destination Management Company, Travel & Leisure, MICE, Hospitality and Transportation Group has positioned itself as one of the dynamic and innovative group of companies in the Industry with effective B2B market strategies, continuous support from our partners and hard work of our team. At Holidays Bookers DMC, we understand that success in the travel business relies on more than just bookings; it's about crafting unforgettable experiences, building lasting partnerships, and adding genuine value to our clients' businesses.


Global Reach

  • 2014


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  • 2022-2023

    India- Delhi, Gurugram, Ahmadabad, Kolkata, Kerala and Mumbai


Served more than
100000 passengers as a FIT

More than 500 Groups

More than 100 MICE

More than 60 Charter flights


At Holidays Bookers DMC, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients:

Information and Guidance:

Holidays Bookers can provide information about visa requirements for different destinations. We can inform you about the type of visa you need, the application process, required documents, and processing times.

Document Preparation:

We assist travelers in preparing the necessary visa application documents, such as visa application forms, passport photos, travel itineraries, and letters of invitation (if required).

Visa Application Submission:

We can submit visa applications on behalf of travelers, either by acting as intermediaries or by offering a visa application submission service where they handle the logistics of submitting the application to the relevant embassy or consulate.

Appointment Scheduling:

We can assist in scheduling visa appointment interviews at embassies or consulates, helping travelers secure a convenient date and time.

Visa Consultation:

We can offer consultation services to guide throughout the visa application process.

Updates and Follow-Ups:

We can keep travelers informed about the status of their visa applications and follow up with the relevant authorities to expedite the process if necessary.

Visa Fees:

We can provide information about visa fees and assist with the payment process, ensuring that travelers pay the correct fees.

Visa Extensions and Changes:

In some cases, we can assist travelers in extending their visas or making changes to their visa status if required during their trip.


Corporate Air Ticketing:

We offer comprehensive air ticketing services for corporate travelers, ensuring seamless and stress-free flight bookings, including international and domestic flights.

Customized Travel Solutions:

Our dedicated team of travel experts collaborates with each corporate client to design travel programs tailored to their specific needs, budget, and travel policy.

Cost Optimization:

We are committed to helping our clients reduce travel costs without compromising on quality. Our negotiations with airlines and access to special corporate rates enable us to deliver cost-effective solutions.

24/7 Support:

Our round-the-clock customer support ensures that your travelers receive assistance whenever they need it, even during unexpected travel disruptions.


Our expert teams are on the ground, ensuring seamless operations, from airport transfers to guided tours, and everything in between.
Tailored Itineraries: We create customized itineraries that cater to the specific preferences of your clients, ensuring a memorable journey.


We as a Hotel consolidator source have very a wide range of hotels, including independent properties, boutique hotels, and major hotel chains. Holidays Bookers establish contracts and partnerships with these hotels to access their room availability and rates.
Hotel and Accommodation: Access our extensive network of partner hotels and resorts, securing the best rates and availability.


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